Future Imperfect: Eye of the Storm is a Dungeons & Dragons game that has been ongoing since Winter 2007. It began with the D&D 3.5 system, which was later changed to D&D 4E, and is set in a slightly homebrewed version of the Forgotten Realms setting.

Current player characters include: Rhistel (Moon Elf Ranger from Chondalwood), Raiven (Lightfoot Halfling from the Dragon Coast), and Thanir (Dragonborn Fighter, Currently from Waterdeep.) At present, due to a shortage of players, the party has an NPC traveling with them: Saviira (Drow Cleric of Silvanus from Waterdeep.)

Former player characters include: Caryn (Moon Elf Cleric of Azuth), Timakk (Half-Orc), and Wayrocket (Gnome Wizard).

Future Imperfect: Eye of the Storm

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