Wizard, Former Companion


Pre-Spellplague: Wayrocket once travelled with Raiven, Rhistel, Timakk, and Caryn. When the latter was abducted, Wayrocket got caught in the middle and disappeared with her. Within the Zhentarim stronghold, the well-endowed gnome was subject to torture as part of an effort to glean from her any knowledge she possessed about Caryn’s divine heritage. She had none and was scheduled for a quick execution.

Death never came, as she found means to escape in the nick of time. Unable to reach her longtime friend, Caryn, Wayrocket fled the stronghold. Bloodied, battered, and bruised, she made her way to a remote Moon Elf village in the south-eastern corner of the Chondalwood, where she reunited with the rest of her party. She had to stay behind in the village when the others went to rescue Caryn.

Post-Spellplague: Wayrocket’s current whereabouts and condition are unknown. She was last seen in the Chondalwood. Unfortulately, much of the Chondalwood collapsed into the Underdark. Whether or not Wayrocket was caught up in this remains to be seen.


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