Vyse Fellwater

Guildmaster of the Cellarer & Plumbers Guild


Lord Vyse Fellwater is the Guildmaster of the Cellarers’ & Plumbers’ Guild in Waterdeep. A widow, Lord Fellwater is a man that takes both his duty as a parent and that of Guildmaster extremely seriously. His seriousness often leads him to become rather stubborn in his dealing with other Guilds, and it is this fault of his that enabled the half-elven noble, Lord Tancredo Cesoerdo, to easily manipulate the Guildmaster.

Due to the machinations of the half-elven noble, Lord Fellwater presently believes that the adventuring party that returned to him the body of his daughter, Kiera, are the ones responsible for killing her, and that they did so on behalf of the Guild of Watermen, with whom he’d been about to complete a trade deal.

Although initially surprised by the news that the Guild of Watermen would turn on him so abruptly, he is now of the belief that the trade deal was simply a ruse to distract the Guildmaster so that they might cause him grief through his daughter’s death. This belief is helped along solely by Tancredo’s lies, which the Guildmaster believes due to a long-standing friendship with the half-elven Lord.

Vyse Fellwater

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