Halfling Rogue


Raiven from Teziir, Dragon Coast

originally worked as a Crossbow Merchant Apprentice under Master Tel’Kazzak, a Tiefling Elder And former Rogue Assassin. Master Tel’Kazzak was hired to take out the Chief of E’Loe, a clan which worshipped Bahamut. Chief Sirocco was the target which Raiven did not know. The master knew of the relationship between the 2 and The chief’s younger daughter Raevynne which is Raiven’s Childhood friend. They arrived at their destination and spotted the 2 Harvesting Herbs. The master sets up with his crossbow with Raiven watching the rear. Being the young and curious halfling that he is, he turned and looked at his target to see who the master was after. He immediately recognized the 2 priests and pleaded with the master to reconsider the job. He replied to him that for a Rogue assassin, the job is more important than the person. With that he positioned himself and readied himself to fire. In panic for his friends lives, he lunged at his master to try and stop him. The shock caused the crossbow to fire and pierce the heart of the chief, narrowly missing the young eladrin as she was picking the awaiting herbs. In the struggle, raiven accidentally stabbed the master with a crossbow bolt that was improperly stored due to his lack of experience. The master was pierced through the lung and begain bleeding profusely. raiven saw what he did and began cowering in fear. The master tried to asure him that what he did was right. He then passed the crossbow into Raiven’s hands and whispered to him. “Never give up that caring heart”. And with that he passed away at Raiven’s lap.

Moments later the young priestess ran up the hill in sheer rage looking for the person responsible for her father’s death and found Raiven holding the crossbow. She immediately blamed him as Raiven dissappeared into the bushes.

Terror stricken and depressed for Raevynne. Raiven went on a journey of soul searching and began focussing more effort in the ways of a Rogue as a way to atone for the master’s death.


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