Eladrin Wizard (was once a Priest)


Raevynne from Elversult, Dragon Coast

Raevynne at 110 years old:

Priestess worshiping the God Bahamut. She was in training to become a high priestess and lead the temple of E’loe into the new age. Out on her herb training with her father, she was gathering herbs to make potions with. Her father, Chief Sirocco was the current high priest. Out around their town of Elversult they were just finishing up with the herbs. Her father pointed out to her that she is missing some herbs and to be more delicate.”If you yank the herbs like you have been, you will not be rewarded with more when the time comes”. She took that advice to heart and went to the next bush and was much more gentile. As she moved onto the next bush, she felt something speed by her ear, rustling her hair in the wake. She turned to see what it was and thats when she saw her father clutching his chest which Terrified her. She realized her father was shot with an arrow. She immediately jumped to her father’s aid and began making a hurried heal potion which unfortunately did not work. She tried and tried and tried some more but couldnt help him. Her father tried to speak to her but couldnt muster the strength to put breath to words and collapsed in her arms. At that point she realized the person she Idolized and adored was gone from her world forever. In a rage, and against the teachings of Bahamut. She quickly heard the rustling of trees and bushes in the direction where the arrow came from. She ran up the hill to discover her long time and dear childhood friend Raiven, holding a crossbow. She immediately charged after him “How could you!, you were like family to me yet you betrayed me! MURDERER!!!” With that in an instant, her friend was dead to her. All that remained was a halfling with blood on his hands to her. A halfling that she decided to take her revenge on.

Shortly after these events, the priests of the temple discovered her actions regarding the Chief’s death and her reaction to it forced them to expell her from the temple stating “there is too much rage in your heart, you must go on a pilgrimage to expell the hate and vengance from your soul to be accepted by the mighty Bahamut”

The chief was her father and meant more to her than that of a god she never has visioned before. It was at this time she abandoned her teachings and decided to follow her heart on a quest for revenge.

This lust for revenge showed in her eyes as her eyes began to burn a crimson red. The latent Arcane power within her had awoken. She began searching for Raiven but never found him through his natural life cycle.

Raevynne at 210 years old:

During one of her meditative trances, she had a vision. She envisioned the image of Raiven Appearing in neverwinter. She dismissed this vision thinking “this is 100 years later, there is no chance he can still be alive” The visons wouldnt dissapear though. Each vision she had, pointed her in the direction of neverwinter. She couldnt shake the vison and felt compelled to go to neverwinter.

Little did she realise who she was about to meet….......... this is her story.


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