Future Imperfect: Eye of the Storm

The Story So Far...

Pre-Spellplague Era: Things started out with a small party of five getting together in Daggerdeep. There, Rhistel, Raiven, Timakk, Wayrocket, and Caryn rid the town of a menace which served as a springboard for their adventuring career. From there, many things happened to the party, including the abduction of Wayrocket and Caryn by Manshoon of the Zhentarim. This was later discovered to be a part of a plot in which Manshoon hoped to gain Caryn’s latent demigod powers. The plot was foiled at the hands of Caryn’s friends (sans Wayrocket), who, except for Timakk, were thrust 100 years into the future as part of an attempt by Caryn to save their lives.

Post-Spellplague: In the present day, the surviving two members (Raiven and Rhistel) meet up with new friends Thanir and Saviira. With them, they are in the midst of exposing a plot to destroy Waterdeep, a plot which originated at the hands of Saviira’s love interest, Tancredo.


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